New generations changing the palate of their parents

Thursday – August 5, 2021 a las  6:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM CDMX

The new generations of Mexicans who are born or come to live in Napa/ Sonoma Valley wine region have new concerns and interests around the subject of vineyards. From experimenting new ideas, exploring wine alternatives in how to change wine consumption habits.

Salvador and Christian work and produce wine in California, however, the older generation or their parents work in the industry, but they retain their taste for beer and tequila. Today this contrast about tastes within the house and with the interest not only of consuming the drinks, but of being the producers who are in the field are what makes a change of tastes and intergenerational interests that we explore in our talk.

Our Guests:

Salvador de la Cruz

Winemaker – Ludor Wines

Ludor Wines

Christian Cruz

Sales and Marketing

Ludor Wines


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