Make your smile great in the Mayan land

Tuesday 27  July, 2021 —   12 PM CT / 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Yucateando in Good Health

You can get a treatment to fix your dental problems in Mérida, take a tour to explore the Mayan ruins, visit the places of the flamingos to have a nice photography session, spend some time enjoying the unique places of Mérida, meet great people and have a loving experience, with the warm style of the people of Merida.

This experience is guaranteed by the Medical Connection company, who are in charge of connecting you with the best specialists in the country. You will be surprised how you can get a package that covers your flight, accommodation and dental treatment at an incredible price in addition to enjoying your vacation and returning to your city with friends, gifts and a flavor that will be ready for your next cavities to fly back to Merida .

Are you afraid of being in a country where you don’t know anyone? Medical Connection not only guarantees you the certification of their doctors and hospitals, they carefully review that all the materials used comply with the standards established by international laws, they also take advantage of their contacts with permanent residents of the United States and Canada who are looking for friends. to share how they have been living in Merida for several years. They will tell you why they live in Merida and they will invite you to come back when you need it.

Our guest Guillermo Trujillo will talk with us in this live program. Be prepared to ask questions and find out why people talk about Merida as the place for their dental care.

Co-hosts:Yaroslaba Botello & Natalia Boza – Medical Connection


Dr. Guillermo Trujillo / White Dental

Jorge Zavala Presenter I want to learn

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